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Another S.S. Meteor Project Completed by the GLSPS

Published on 5/4/2012




The GLSPS, SPM, LSMMA and WUAA launched another successful project.  We had many (30 or more) tasks to complete and completed everyone except two.  The weather was the only reason it was delayed or postponed.  It was sprinkling rain on Saturday.  It was cold and windy on Sunday.  We had 55 plus people join us this year on the project.


The project is the biggest project the GLSPS is involved in and it presents a challenge every year to have 50 plus people help to preserve the Meteor's very valuable history.  The GLSPS has been in charge of most of the project since 2005.  We've been working on it for 8 years and have made a huge difference.  Phil Kerber has been the chairman of the project since 2005.  He has increased the project from 10 people to a record of over 70 people joining us from various organizations around the Great Lakes Region and five state area.  Without their help, the project sure wouldn't be as successful as it is today.


Because of all the work the volunteers did for the last 12 years, the S.S. Meteor looks 30 years younger, says Sara Blanck, Director of SPM.  It now represents better the history of its Ara.


If you ever travel to Superior Wisconsin, please take the time to visit and take a tour of the S.S. Meteor Museum.   You will see first hand as to what has been done to preserve the museum ship.  Please mention that Phil Kerber sent you and you will receive the Royal treatment and special tour.



To learn and read more details about the project you can click on the link button below. 



S.S. Meteor Project 2012 



You will also be able to read the Article called the "The Last Twelve Years of the S.S. Meteor Preservation Project"  when it is released to the public this fall (2012).  It will also be able to be found on Wikipedia.


If you would like to be all that you can be and would like to join us on this annual project which is always the last weekend in April, please contact Phil Kerber from the GLSPS by clicking on "Contact Us"  field on the left hand side bar of the GLSPS website.   You will have a lot of fun on this project!     You do not have to be a diver or a member of any organization to be part of this project.  Although we encourage you to become a member of one or all of the listed organizations.


On behalf of the GLSPS, SPM, LSMMA and WUAA, we would like to thank all that helped on the project last year and in the past 8 to 12 years.  The Staff of the SPM have much happier faces since all of you have helped preserve this very valuable Museum ship.


Hope to see you on the next S.S. Meteor Preservation project next year, which is the last weekend of April. 


Thank you again for all your support and volunteering.


Phil Kerber

GLSPS President

S.S. Meteor Preservation Project Chairman