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2022 - Maderia Monitoring

Corey Daniel | Published on 7/10/2022
Closing Report:

Project Leader and Preservation operator--Corey Daniel
Crew members--Tim Pranke, Jim Christenson and Tom Peterson

All met at the R/V Preservation Friday night in Silver Bay marina, some later than others. Favorable
weather on Sat. Dove the Madeira for the day. Tim P and Jim C filmed the wreck for the
photogrammetry project. Tom P and Corey D explored the wreck looking for any significant changes.
Corey D made some measurements on a stake placed near the pilot house. Still no movement of the
pilot house in relationship to the rest of the wreck. The stern section of the wreck is making subtle
changes of it flattening out. The annual Silver Bay marina boat lighting show was enjoyed that
evening. Tim P added some nice touches to the Preservation.

Sunday a nice long dive was enjoyed on the wreck of the Hesper. No changes to the wreck to
document this year. Every one had a fun dive. Returned to dock, unloaded gear and cleaned up the

Thank you to everyone who participated and your continuing dedication and hard work to these