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2022 - Fall Buoy - Closing Report

Corey Daniel | Published on 9/19/2022
Closing Report:

Friday evening.  Dale K, Andrew G, Tim P and Corey D all met up at the R/V Preservation at Spirit Lake Marina.  Loading gear, equipment, and supplies for the weekend adventure to begin the following morning.  Wind was blowing hard out of the North.

Saturday morning.  Wind still blowing hard.  Thick fog.  The crew waited out 2 rain and possible thunderstorms.  We got rain.  Both times.  Ran to town, bought some supplies for a surface marker for the stern of the Madeira and attempted to replace the spotlight switch.  The weather cleared and the R/V Preservation departed Silver Bay Marina around 1pm, headed for the Madeira shipwreck site.  Moored the “Preserv” on the bow buoy as the Sol Mates II dive charter boat was already tied to the stern.  Tim P and Andrew G dove and filmed areas of the wreck for a separate photogrammetry project.  Corey D swam the wreck with a dual camera setup devised by Jerry Eliason for a 3D film project.  The lake was fairly calm and the water was much warmer now than the last time this crew was there in June, installing the buoy’s.  The GLSPS did not remove the Hesper or Madeira buoy’s this year.  Hanz Lehrke, owner and captain of Sol Mates II (SolMates Dive Charters) approached the GLSPS about leaving them in longer and offered to remove them in October instead.  All went as planned, Thank you Hanz!  Buoys are now stowed for the winter and there is a surface float on the stern of the Madeira for those still wanting to visit.  The crew aboard the R/V Preservation finished their dives and proceeded to Two Harbors.

Saturday evening.  Arrived at the Ely wreck in Agate Bay,Two Harbors.  Andrew G dove the Ely in the dark to film the wreck for Photogrammetry, Corey D also diving with 3D cameras, and Tim P snorkeling on the surface.  The visibility was very poor and after everyone was on board the crew headed for the break wall on the other side of the bay.  Tim P made a great batch of spaghetti and everyone settled in for the evening.

Sunday Morning.  The day began before 4am with the arrival of the Arthur Anderson Great Lakes Ship.  Tim P had informed everyone of its early morning arrival and all but Andrew G woke early for the occasion.  Later in the morning Andrew G attempted another dive on the Ely but the visibility had not improved.  The buoy was removed and the Preservation headed for Knife Island.  Corey D and Andrew G dove the Niagara Shipwreck on Knife Island, more photogrammetry and 3D filming.  After getting the stuck anchor free the crew headed for Duluth.  A nice grilled hamburger lunch was enjoyed thanks to Dale K and Andrew G.  After a brief stop for fuel at Lake Head Marina, the R/V Preservation arrived at Spirit Lake Marina.  The boat was cleaned and prepped for the next trip, Dale K waited for his ride.  Corey D drove Tim P and Andrew G to Silver Bay to retrieve their vehicles. 

Long day indeed.  Fun weekend and favorable weather on the big Lake.  

Thank you to everyone who helped this weekend and for your contributions to this organization to research, document and report shipwreck history along the North Shore.