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3DShipwrecks - Unknown

Published on 2/22/2023
We are posting a mystery shipwreck this time on website and database. It may take a while to hang a name on this deep water shipwreck. It is roughly the same size as the Troy and Bucephaleus both of which have limited information and no photos available for them. It lies off the Michigan's Thumb and was discovered by Dave Trotter and team in over 200 ft of water. It's haystack boiler and early engine design indicate it is very old (mid 1800's). In fact it appears to have an identical propulsion system (boiler and engine) to the Indiana of Lake Superior which was removed for display in the Smithsonian back in the 1990's. The propeller is missing which could have been another clue. Those of you who are shipwreck sleuths, this is one that will challenge your skills. The model was created from 1,863 30-megapixel still shots taken by Andrew Goodman on one 30 minute DPV dive. The link to the new model is: